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What is Health + Wellness Design?

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Health + wellness design is the process of listening and synthesizing the evidence to design optimal spaces for the specific needs of the people. 

Davis' specialty is newborn, children, family -, healthcare- + life-long-learning places and spaces.

Theory, practice + education

ABCHouse Groundbreaking

Davis is a both an applied + a theoretical designer + educator. The people who benefit from the spaces she informs are often misunderstood and marginalized. The architectural team are in need of HOW + WHY to support the functioning of the program.

Current Research Themes

Davis' passions focus on two themes: (1) trauma-sensitive design in child-centered settings - merging the knowledge of trauma-informed practices with the latest on evidence-based design; and (2) global birth environment design – co-convener of global network to share knowledge of best practices for childbirth environments (photo from 1st GBEDN meeting).


  • BA (Early Childhood Ed/Child in Society), minor English at Boston College. 

  • MSc (Design & Human Environment); Interiors at Oregon State University, with minors in free-choice learning and in human development and family sciences.

  • PhD (Health) with the Faculty of Health at the University of Technology Sydney.

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