Hi, I'm J. Davis Harte, PhD a trauma-informed

designer + advocate

centered on

design, environment, + wellness


•virtual work since 2012•

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  • Challenged by design problems that feel insurmountable?

  • Do you want beautiful, restorative AND safe places?

  • How does evidence inform design?

  • Are the people in your spaces considered vulnerable?

  • Curious about how design affects emotions, brains + bodies?


Exemplar from Portland Homeless Family Solutions (I was not involved with this!):

How trauma informed design could transform homeless shelters | Brandi Tuck | TEDxMtHood

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I leverage my design knowledge + ethnographic skills to speak about, advise and design spaces for all people, 

especially those developing resilience from trauma.

I design for resilience, health + wellness. 

  • I specialize in maternity, child, youth, family + learning environments.

  • Contact me to discuss how we can work together: or click HERE

Architect's Perspective

From an architect’s perspective Davis has been wonderful to work with because she is personable and fully engaged in the interior design experience with the client and myself.  I have seen her go the extra mile to create beautiful and meaningful spaces for children because she understands that the right environment can help their growth into well-adjusted adults. From her academic background she brings an unmatched depth of knowledge on children’s environments, and as a mother she brings personal experience to her projects.  Davis Harte is my go-to interior designer whenever a project involves children. - Lori Stephens, Broadleaf Architecture

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